Fox lovey

This is a free pattern and you are welcome to crochet as many fox loveys as you like. To sell them are, on the other hand, NOT allowed. If you want to check out my work you find me on Instagram: @elwecrochet and Facebook: Elin virkar. If you post pictures of your finished work, please be sure to give me credit. I´m not very used to making patterns so if you find anything strange with it, please let me know.  Happy crocheting!

Before you begin

I have used fine cotton yarn (Adlibris cotton 8/4).

3mm hook for the blanket and 2,5mm for the fox

The blanket is crocheted with the V-stitch technique. The finished size is approx. 26*26cm (10*10”).

You crochet one row each of the colours yellow, orange, green, blue and two rows of white.

I prefer to make the colour change by attaching the new yarn when I make the last pull through on the last double crochet of the row. Use the technique you´re the most comfortable with.


Ch             –                 chain

Sc              –                 single crochet

Dc             –                 double crochet

Dec          –                 decrease

Inc            –                 increase

Slst             –                 slip stitch

St               –                 stitch


1: Start with yellow yarn. Chain 54 loosely.

2: 2dc in fourth chain from hook, skip next ch. *2dc in next ch, skip next ch*. *Repeat* until end of row. Work 1dc in very last ch.

 3: With orange yarn chain 3 (counts as first dc) and turn. 2dc between each pair of dc from row 2. Finish with 1dc in top of chain3.

Colour change
Start new row with chain 3
2dc between each pair of dc

4: With green yarn repeat row 3.

5: With blue yarn repeat row 3.

6-7: With white yarn repeat row 3 (Note! two rows).

Crochet four more groups of yellow, orange, green, blue, white, white. Finish with a group without white. The last row is blue.

Finish off and weave in all loose ends.


With white yarn, chrochet three rows of sc. Attach the yarn to the middle of any of the sides. Pull up a loop, chain 1 and crochet 1sc in the same stitch. Make sure to place the stitches evenly along the sides and that you have about the same number along each side (about 54st). In the corners you crochet 3sc. Finish the round with a slst in first sc.


Head and body are crocheted as one piece.

1: With orange yarn crochet 6sc in a magic ring.

2: (inc)x6                                      (12)

3: (1sc, inc)x6                              (18)

4: (2sc, inc)x6                              (24)

5: (3sc, inc)x6                              (30)

6: (4sc, inc)x6                              (36)

7: (5sc, inc)x6                              (42)

8: (6sc, inc)x6                              (48)

9-20: 48sc                                    (48)

21: (6sc, dec)x6                          (42)

22: (5sc, dec)x6                          (36)

23: (4sc, dec)x6                          (30)

24: (3sc, dec)x6                          (24)

25: (2sc, dec))x6                        (18)

26: (2sc, inc)x6                            (24)

27: (3sc, inc)x6                            (30)

28: (4sc, inc)x6                            (36)

29-33: 36sc                                  (36)

34: (4sc, dec)x6                          (30)

35: (3sc, dec)x6                          (24)

36: (2sc, dec)x6                          (18)

37: (1sc, dec)x6                          (12)

38: (dec)x6                                  (6)

Cut the yarn and finish off.     

Finished head and body


1: With white yarn crochet 6sc in a magic ring.

2: (1sc, inc)x3                              (9)

3: (2sc, inc)x3                              (12)

4: (3sc, inc)x3                              (15)

5: (4sc, inc)x3                              (18)

6: (5sc, inc)x3                              (21)

7: (6sc, inc)x3                              (24)

8: (7sc, inc)x3                              (27)

9: (8sc, inc)x3                              (30)

Change to orange yarn.

10-11: 30sc                                  (30)

Cut the yarn and save a tail for sewing.

Ears (make two)

1: With white yarn crochet 4sc in a magic ring.

2: (1sc, inc)x2                              (6)

3: (2sc, inc)x2                              (8)

4: (1sc, inc)x4                              (12)

Change to orange yarn,

5: (1sc, inc)x6                              (18)

6-11: 18sc                                    (18)

Cut the yarn and save a tail for sewing.

Arm (make one)

1: Chain 10. Make sure to save a long tail for sewing.

2: Form a ring with a slst in first ch.

3: 1sc in every st  (10)

Continue crocheting 1sc in every st until the arm is long enough. I made 22 rows. Stuff the arm as you go along. Cut the yarn and save a tail for sewing.

Form a ring with slst in first ch
Finished arm

Legs (make two)

1: With orange yarn crochet 6sc in a magic ring.

2: (inc)x6                                      (12)

3: (1sc, inc)x6                              (18)

4: (2sc, inc)x6                              (24)

5-6: 24sc                                       (24)

7: (2sc, dec)x6                            (18)

8: (1sc, dec)x6                            (12)

9: (dec)x6                                    (6)

10: 6sc                                          (6)

Cut the yarn and save a tail for sewing.


1: With white yarn crochet 6sc in magic circle

2: (1sc, inc)x3                              (9)

3: 9sc                                            (9)

4: (2sc, inc)x3                              (12)

Change to orange yarn.

5: 12sc                                          (12)

6: (1sc, inc)x6                              (18)

7-9: 18sc                                       (18)

10: (1sc, dec)x6                          (12)

Cut the yarn and save a tail for sewing.


Embroider a nose and eyes with black yarn. If you want to you can add a highlight with white yarn. Sew on ears and tail. Sew on the nose and stuff before you close it up completely. Sew on the first end of the arm and then the blanket on the inside of it (see pictures). After that you sew the other side of the arm. I sew on the legs last so I´m sure they don´t end up behind the blanket.

Sy fast snutte.jpg
Sew on the first side of the arm
Sy fast arm1.jpg
Sew the blanket on to the inside of the arm
Sew the other side of the arm on


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